Solving Healthcare with Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng

Optimizing Health Through Continuous Glucose Monitoring, with Kara Collier Director of Nutrition-Nutrisense

Episode Summary

Summary Points - Lifestyle related chronic conditions are very common in the ICU setting, sometimes patients come in with avoidable illnesses that could be managed early-on through metabolic health management - Metabolic health involves staying within a controlled glucose level and avoiding repeated “swings” in your glucose levels. Spikes in glucose result in endothelial cell damage, atherosclerosis, and poor cardiac health. Often, people do not recognize swings and risk a negative feedback loop in their microvasculature, which does more damage than good! Moreover, not all food groups cause the same spike in people, hence personalized measures are important in maintaining good glucose levels. - Nutrisense is a program that helps prevent certain chronic conditions related to insulin resistance early on through the use of Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM). It provides accessible, quick feedback to one’s diet habits, and promotes intrinsic motivation to implement good behaviour changes. The program offers personalized support to improve metabolic goals through CGM, subscriptions, and Dietitian support. - The goal is to try to focus on whole foods and the table approach. The table approach consists of four legs: o Good nutrition o Movement  15 minute walk meals, resistance training, standing after meals o Fasting and meal timing  14 hour fasting (if applicable) during the day  Avoiding late night meals o Low stress  Avoiding any form of chronic stress on the body Kara is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist (LDN), and Certified Nutrition Support Clinician (CNSC) who specializes in glucose control and metabolism. She graduated from Purdue University and previously worked at Memphis VA Medical Center, as a clinical dietitian at Providence Hospital, and in a management role at Nutritionix.

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